2009 ironbutt
2009 Ironbutt


Once upon a time long long ago a couple of guys were sitting around after riding, when one of them realized that he had ridden every trail in Memphis in that past week. As the conversation progressed the challenge of riding every trail in Memphis in one day naturally came up. In the following weeks many maps were looked at and the “Tour de Memphis” was born.
The first year , 1997, it was John Scheidhauer and Chris Irving (me) that rode it, we decided that aero bars would be the hot ticket for all those nasty road sections between the trails. What we didn’t take into consideration was the fact that on every trail it looked like the bars were going to bash you in the face on every technical section. We don’t know how far the first ride was as both of our computers broke. They would break on the first three Ironbutt rides
The early ones were a blur with two exceptions, one was the year we had 8 guys show up and the skies opened up, after waiting for and hour or so for it to stop, three of us decided enough was enough so we took off in the downpour. It rained all the way to Herb Parson’s, Gray’s Creek was chest high and I didn’t have brakes the whole ride. The second was when we started at the Pyramid downtown, rode to Stanky first and on the return from Herb Parson’s took the river trails all the way to Harbor Town  106 miles  There was no Ironbutt for a couple of years after that one
Then the Ironbutt 100 came about, why not just make it as close to 100 miles as we could and get some tee shirts while we were at it, drink some beer afterwards and here we are…



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