Jarret repairing a flat on the epic trails

Jason Pate working on his bike in an odd spot



Here are a few helpful hints:

1) It's important that we start on time (7am), there's only so much light in a day

2) Try to keep breaks to a minimum, there's only so much light in a day

3) Be sure to bring an extra jersey, shorts, gloves, socks, small cooler, tech-nu, gels, powerbars, beef jerky, pint of everclear, what ever you need to make it comfortably to Lakeland. Grab bags will be in my Element at Herb Parson's

4) If you are running tubeless, be sure there is actually some Stan's in your tires before they go flat, also bring a couple of tubes, mini pump, chaintool, seatpost bolt, spare pedals etc.

5) Nourishment: I am assuming this is not your first rodeo, so bring plenty of gels, some type of sports drink, a full camelback and something solid to eat at some point, because it's a long ways (60+ miles) to Herb Parson's on an empty stomach

6) Have fun, cause that's what it's about
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